Let’s make something together!


We like to challenge ourselves. We constantly broaden our expertise. We cooperate. We value every individual’s ability to make an impact.
GC DPI is a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Covering expertise from economics, management, engineering, design and IT-tech, we work on projects that require special know-how, familiarity with broad range of materials/production technologies and demand excellent execution.

Let’s make something together!

Do you like to have your product to be excellently developed and produced to the highest level? Working with us will be a satisfying experience and will lead to great end results as we strive to excel at every step of the process. We optimize processes, engineer and develop each part to fit the purpose, which enables us to create great products and services.
Let it be wood, metal, non-ferrous metals, glass, acrylic, plastic materials, or any combination – we have expertise in all of the above. We use the most suitable technology for each material and production steps, including CNC machining, laser cutting, 3D printing, welding, or gluing. In the end the product is assembled with handcrafting skills.
We work in the range from art sculptures to small series products. From mechanical elements to IT integrated solutions.
Let us know about your needs and together we will find optimal solution.

If you have a project to make, an idea to realize or just need a space to work, you are welcome!