We are open!

We have created an open hub where entrepreneurial office work is interconnected with handcrafts, technology and material know-how.

Our hub interconnects companies and individuals specialized in internet sales, webpage development and optimization, photography and video making, as well as agile methods specialists, designers, craftsmen and IT, Mechanical & Civil engineers.

Moreover, we have capacities to offer to the interested individuals:


Playground is an open workshop, for students, freelance artisans and makers – basically every enthusiast – where they can put their idea into reality.
We offer support, working desks, basic tools, storage space … and a helping hand if needed.

Our tutors mentor the users on tools and machines usage, so users can operate them independently.

  • handcrafting workbench
  • hand tools

  • electrical workbench

  • 3D printer

Coworking space

For entrepreneurs who need nothing more than a desk, we offer a COVID-19 responsible space with good vibe, tea-kitchen, and conference-room.

Offering coaching and networking with relevant partners we help them grow business-wise and personally.

  • desk
  • tea kitchen

  • conference room

  • lounge