Flexible Energy Management Model

Client: INEA

Image: Marko Pleterski, INEA, GC DPI

Flexible Energy Management Model is a smart grid simulation presented as a 3D model simulation. This interactive display allows viewer to monitor the energy flows on augmented model reality island. Through interface buttons viewer can adjust environment parameters such as wind, sun radiation,… which results in energy flow changes.

Through playful interaction Flexible Energy Management Model enables to understand possible gains through innovative management and development of smart grids.


  • Smart grid simulation
  • Modbus TCP protocol interpretation and display
  • Augmented model reality


  • Active model environment (town, ferry, wind turbines, diesel generator, …)
  • On-screen parameter presentation
  • Digital-LED (power flow simulation)


  • single input multiple output control plane
  • multi-variable environment control
  • simulation and human interface

“GIFT (Geographical Islands FlexibiliTy) is a Horizon 2020 project aiming to decarbonise the energy mix of European islands through the development of innovative solutions, such as a virtual power system, energy management systems for harbours, factories, homes, better prediction of supply and demand and visualisation of data, and storage systems allowing synergy between electrical, heating and transportation networks.” https://www.gift-h2020.eu/