Work In Progress (WIP)

Client: JR

“In a painting, it’s usually the perspective that focuses the attention of the viewer. With this new mural technique, we break the perspective: Every person is presented at the same size, captured with the same light. No one is more important than another. It is not a group photo, but rather a group of photos. I work with the individuals as they decide how they want to be represented. The mural aims to be a picture of society, not depicting good and bad, but rather showing that both sides are present in everyone.” JR


  • Inkjet print
  • splicing of wood-fiber based materials
  • laser cutting


  • MDF board
  • paper
  • double-coated tape


  • photo conversion to multiple print layers
  • black and white inkjet print of each layer
  • splicing printed paper on MDF board
  • laser cutting of each layer to specific contour

“In October 2018, TIME released a special report on guns in America, and in one of the most ambitious cover projects in TIME’s 95-year-history, TIME partnered with JR to photograph and film 245 Americans in an effort to capture the full scope of the nation’s gun debate in one mural.”
Pace Gallery