JR Deplace˙e˙s

Turin, Italy

Client: JRSA
Images: Andrea Guermani; GC DPI

“JR launched his Déplacé∙e∙s project in 2022, traveling to crisis zones and refugee camps in Ukraine, Rwanda, Mauritania, Colombia, and Greece. In each location, he organized a procession around a 45 meter tarp that displayed the image of a refugee child from the community.

The Gallerie d’Italia exhibition marks the first time that the images of all of these refugee children are together. They are part of a mechanical installation, in which their portraits unfurl as they move upward asynchronously, dwarfing visitors with their monumental size. ” (www.jr-art.net)



  • Trinamic stepper motors
  • Reduction gears
  • Position sensing


  • Light aluminum structure and housing
  • Self-tensioning hanging mechanism


  • Site survey
  • Load calculation and dimensioning
  • Production and installation

Installation of a 40m long and 3.6m high tarp was accomplished using an advanced self-tensioning wall hanging mechanism in Gallerie d’Italia’s hallway. Additionally, three innovative curtain-like mechanisms were designed and developed to unfurl and lift the tarps under the ceiling. Trinamic stepper motors, reduction gears, and shafts were assembled inside a lightweight aluminum housing. The mechanisms were suspended from the structure just below the ceiling of the hall, enabling the raising and lowering of the tarps during the exhibition.