The Fairytale studio

The light table is designed as a foldable suitcase that fits in any small vehicle, and when disassembled, it is large and stable enough to be used by up to 10 children. The light construction of the table is made entirely of aluminium and is upholstered with a material that protects both the table and children. A custom-illustrated map of Slovenian folk tales through which children learn storytelling techniques, was specially designed to fit the illuminated surface of the table.

Table and suitcase design: Sara Badovinac Zabret and Sara Škarica
Execution: GC DPI


  • Ultralight construction
  • In-house developed folding mechanism


  • Aluminium frame
  • Leather upholstery
  • Lacquered veneer


  • Table designed as a foldable suitcase
  • Chest of drawers on castors